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Are you looking for SEO Services Bangalore?

SEO Company in Bangalore provides SEO services in bangalore / best seo company in bangalore at affordable and low rates. The SEO Company in Bangalore offers first of its kind of SEO services to the clients by providing complete value for the money they invest in getting their business at the top of the search engine pages. Before talking more details, first of let’s know about SEO. SEO is the shortest form of Search Engine Optimization which helps to get organic traffic to your website from search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. If your website is properly optimized then you can get into first page of search engine results i.e if an user types a query related to your business and found you on first page then you can get traffic to your site and there by can increase the sales of your product / service.


SEO Company in Bangalore Advantages


Traditional SEO companies follow the same type of pattern in offering their SEO services, but, however our is different. Traditional SEO companies sell their services by creating packages where they do this stuff and that stuff, where as we aim at Result-oriented SEO services i.e we try to understand the client business first and then come up with possible / potential SEO strategy which will help to improve the client business. We charge an affordable fee per month and only if on able to show the results in first page then we take the amount which it deserves for the services we provided, of course, those rates are what you initial pay for a Traditional companies to work on your project.


At the same time, Traditional SEO companies follow the same things what they have been doing for the years. But, whereas, our company will follow the different kind of testing what teaches us and try to implement the best possible SEO strategy in order to help for client business get on top in the search engine results. There will be always a difference between working with one who experiments and keep getting up-to-date than one who doesn’t, so if you are looking for such type of company then you can work with us.


What type of SEO services in Bangalore you offer?


whether you are a startup / organisation / service looking for any kind of SEO services like Interior design company, Home loan or finance company, school / college or courses, E-commerce company, Real-Estate company or else any other company, we provide our valuable SEO services at a very reasonable price. If you want to know what makes us unique, then you need to work with us and then know by yourself as we are the one’s who maintain clarity, sincerity and enthusiasm in work.


Difference between SEO Company in Bangalore vs Others


Cost – Reasonable / Affordable – High (Our Success charge will be their starting charge)


Agreement – No (you are free to leave next month if not satisfied) – Yes (you have to sign the contract which may last from 6 months to years)


Guarantee – No business gives 100% guarantee and even if anyone says then it is a foolish thing. However, as we aim providing value, as explained above we charge a basic pay monthly for the services and up on successfully achieving desired results we charge for the value. Where as Traditional SEO companies won’t care and they sell out SEO packages, based on what you bought, those things will be done and that will be of high cost and provides no value for you.


Value – Yes (client will be given complete value) – No (Those who pay higher are their highest priority)


Other Services – No (only SEO and we are good at it) – yes (they do all kind of stuff and don’t have command on anything at best)


Knowledge – Yes (like we said, we experiment, analyse and understand which will go into implementation) – Limited (They do what they have been doing since ages and have a limited knowledge as they are more busy in selling their SEO packages rather than understanding the search engine rules)


works on Limited projects – yes (we don’t work with everyone who is interested in our services but works with very few clients to provide more valuable work for the projects we have choosen) – No (They work with anyone, the more they get, the more money they make, and their most valued clients are those who pay more)


SEO Company In Bangalore Process


-> Meeting the client, knowing their requirement


->Analysing and understanding the business and competitors of the client


->Proposing the actionable SEO plan to client with estimated time for results


->working on the proposed plan and sending Monthly Reports on the progress.


SEO services in Bangalore company charges


Our services start from Rs 30,000 per month as a Base Pay i.e we charge for working on your project implementing all the best possible SEO strategy to get you on first page. Only if we able to achieve first page rankings, then we charge the proposed price (which also will be very reasonable compared to other companies who’s rates will be 5 or 10 times), in case failed, then there won’t be any charge of proposed price apart from the base pay. The Base pay also varies depends on your requirement where highest being 60k per month. We give complete plan and clarity on what going to be done and how much time it can take for desired results and you have the flexible to go with your desired base pay.


you can opt-out from our services at any time i.e if you felt that you are wasting your money or else can get a better services, you are free to leave our services next month itself.


Do i need to take SEO services compared to paid ads?


SEO is the most valuable form of traffic you can get for your business i.e when you are going with paid ads marketing, you keep on paying for display of your ads, whereas SEO despite takes time to get displayed in the top results, it is going to be fruitful and much better investment compared to paid marketing. At the same time, you don’t need to pay for the organic traffic which are getting from SEO, where as, for Paid ads, you have to pay for each time you get traffic apart from paying the agency which maintains those ads.


Finally, if you are looking for SEO services and do believe in us then feel free to contact us by filling the form below or else can reach us via phone.


Frequently asked questions about SEO:-


What is SEO?


SEO in full-form known as Search Engine Optimization is one of the marketing methods to promote your company related website online where your website is optimized in the lines with Search Engine rules, Which in turn can lead your website to appear in top results of search if optimized well. Businesses are now getting their leads with the help of SEO as a major driving force in their sales.


Why I need to take SEO services?


In General, SEO is considered as one of the best forms of digital advertising with affordable costs compared to paid marketing and even the conversions were said to be high for organic traffic compared to paid traffic. So if you are having a product or services then you can consider going for SEO services which can help you to drive good sales if you are successfully able to achieve top rankings.


How much is the cost of SEO?


The cost of SEO depends up on the type of services which a company offers and it varies from company to company based on their own set of rules. Most of the companies in general sell out packages and they do the work which was bought in the packages. Where as we offer SEO services in a different manner as we charge monthly fixed fee ranging from Rs 30,000 to 60,000 per month for working on the project aiming for result-oriented SEO and we will be quoting successful SEO ranking price up on first page listing, which you are going to pay only in case of ranked, else no need to pay this proposed price up on ranking. You will be having a question of how it different from others? When you ask a company to rank for your targeted keyword, based on the competition and all, they quote a price and will do all the activities and in case if it was not ranked also then you will end up paying huge amounts of money to the agency. Thus we try to provide unique services taking monthly fixed fee for working on project and successful ranking fee up on achieving results.


Is there any guarantee for the results?


No company who are genuine never offers a guarantee for the SEO results as Search Engine Algorithms keep on changing and so there can’t be guarantees on something which changes constantly. Even those who have 100% successful projects in the past also can’t guarantee on future results as there is no rule that everything will be successful all the times. However, we get updated with the latest trends and try our best to adopt to the changes and work on the project in a such way that we do put maximum efforts to get everything worked.


Do i need to sign a Contract or agreement?


Most of the SEO companies will work on the contract or agreement basis where you need to sign the agreement deal for a minimum of 6 months to 2 years and also will be paying the fees upfront as well in many cases. Where as we offer no contract SEO services i.e if you felt that we are not a good fit for you, then you can leave us next month and choose another which feels comfortable for you. We also won’t charge upfront a fee for 6 months or so and like we said in above on how we work, we take a monthly fixed fee and take successful ranking fee up on achieving results only if it was achieved.


Do you offer Local SEO services?


Yes, we also do offer Local SEO services. Local SEO services means optimizing your Google My Business Page listing in order to ensure it receives top rankings for your targeted keywords in the local search results. It also became a huge trend in attracting the business for the  companies as search engines like Google are showing frequently Local listings as well when users type any service related queries. So having your Local Listing at top can help your potential customers to reach your business.


How much time it take for results?


Generally, it completely depends upon the competition level and authority of the website to know how much time it take for results. However, most of the times based on the competition level, it is estimated to see the results from 6 to 12 months for a pretty new website and can take a little lower time for an established website.


Do you work on Existing Projects?


Yes, we do work on pretty new projects and existing projects as well. However, we need to complete analysis all the past SEO practices of your past SEO company while we need to work on Existing projects and then only can come to a conclusion on how we can improve the things or work better to ensure everything goes fine.


Do you work on Penalty SEO sites?


For this to be answered well, first of all, we need to check the current website and it’s SEO issues. Once after analysis everything, if we find faults in the previous SEO approach, then we start working on it to fix them.


Some one is offering for low price and guarantee results?


Most of the times we come across this query as well because as many clients fall prey for the guarantee results and low price, some of the companies will attract with those kind of offers and you know about the reality only once you start taking their services. All those which are cheap will involve cheap kind of work only and hence you need to see on working with a good knowledge SEO company and who does the real work to ensure best practices which can lead to see good results in the end.


Why I need to take SEO services from SEO company in Bangalore?


We provide the best kind of work in affordable prices and aim for result-oriented SEO. We don’t have any contract so if you are not satisfied with our services you can leave us. We work on limited projects, so we put maximum efforts for the projects we have chosen to work. All in all, we want to do our best in order to provide best from our side and so you can also observe that everything was clearly mentioned on this site in order to help client understand clearly on how the SEO works really. So if you believe us then you can contact us with your requirement.


Do you work on PPC and other services?


We are an exclusive SEO company where we handle SEO services mostly, however, in rare cases can work on PPC marketing and other types of marketing.

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