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Motivational Sayings - What Gives Them Staying Power?

What is it about motivational sayings that inspire people and cause those sayings to stick in the mind? Is it the rhyme and meter of the sentence structure? Could it be the mental images these sayings evoke that make them stand out? Or, is it the person who created the saying, their life, leadership, or experiences, which draw people to a particular phrase? Understanding the underlying psychology of motivation helps bring an understanding of the power behind these words. Understanding the power behind the words fosters the ability to replicate that power in other situations.


Motivational sayings are more than simple words printed on a poster, coffee cup, or calendar. There is a psychology to motivation, and these words and sayings tap into its most powerful aspects. Associating specific phrases with specific feelings or thoughts is what gives these words their power to motivate. By understanding how and why those thoughts or feelings are associated, a person can learn how to recreate them by other means, for other situations. For example, a phrase such as "keep your chin up," considered motivational by some, evokes visions of pride and perseverance. Understanding this connection empowers a person to seek out psychological touchstones that evoke similar feelings of pride or examples of others who have persevered.


When a motivational saying triggers a universal understanding across a broad spectrum of individuals, it gains staying power. It is passed on from one person to the next, like a tangible tool. If one sees an individual in a similar situation, passing on a tool that is known to have helped others gives great satisfaction. That satisfaction carries its own motivation, as well as a sense of accomplishment. It is this feeling of triumph over adversity that propels universally motivational quotes and phrases to become mantras. This is what gives a particular saying its staying power.


The point of any motivational saying or image is to encourage the drive to achieve a goal. Whether that goal is completing a difficult task, improving specific personal aspects, or professional achievement, maintaining motivation is the key to reaching the desired outcome. The use of words and phrases in the overall scheme of motivating an individual serves to remind them of the purpose behind their goal. The psychological effect of a particular saying directly relates to the purpose that drives an individual. A saying that connects the necessary inner dialogue with an individual's purpose has the highest ability to motivation.

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